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What's Fido's correct Size? It is our priority that you receive the correct size for your pet, we encourage you to measure your pet as each little one has different shapes and measurements. This will ensure you that you are buying the correct size for her/him.  If you don't have a measuring tape print one HERE. We have special sizes for Dachshund (small and medium ) and French Bulldog (Small and medium).   We have created 2 types of helping aids to make it easier for you to select the correct size.  SIZE CHART WITH MEASUREMENTS SIZE CHART BY BREED (For reference only) Size chart with measurements: Take the measurements as shown on the picture. 1. Length: from the end of the head to the beginning of the tail...

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Use Only as Reference because each pet's body is different. For more information please refer to our SIZE FAQ or CONTACT US.  SIZE BREED  Equivalent sizes  000 New born babies 0-2 months: cats and dogs. Extra tinny and slim tea cup breeds.  XXXS 00 Small cat/ Miniature breeds/ Teacups/ X small Chihuahua/Teacup Poodle /Baby/ etc. XXS 0 Medium Cat/ Small Chihuahua/Toy poodle/Yorkshire Terrier/ Miniature Pinscher/ etc. XS 1 Big Cat/ XL Chihuahua/ Toy poodle/ Small French Poodle/ Miniature Pinscher/ Papillon /Pomeranian/ X thin Xoloitzcuintle/ etc. S 2 Small Mix/Toy Poodle/ Maltese / Schnauzer /Austrilian Silky Terrier/ Adult French Poodle / Small Xoloitzcuintle/ etc. M 3 Medium Mix/ Beagle/ Jack Russell Terriers/ Wire-haired Fox Terrier/ Westie/ Adult Xoloitzcuintle/ etc. M 4 Large Mix/ Cavalier King Charles...

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If you require assistance selecting your size please contact us and we'll replay immediately.  SIZE BACK CHEST NECK WEIGHT 00 22 cm 30-36 cm 21-26 cm 1.5 ~ 2 kg. 0 26 cm 33-39 cm 23-28 cm 2 ~ 3 kg. 1 28 cm 39-45 cm 26-32 cm 3 ~ 4 kg. 2 32 cm 45-51 cm 31-36 cm 4 ~ 6 kg. 3 36 cm 51-57 cm 36-42 cm 6 ~ 8 kg. Dachshund-small 34 cm 38-44 cm 27-32 cm 3 ~ 4kg Dachshund-medium 36 cm 46-52 cm 31-36 cm 4 ~ 6 kg. French bulldog-small 29 cm 48-54 cm 37 cm 7 kg. French bulldog-medium 34 cm 51-56 cm 40 cm 12 kg.

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