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Use Only as Reference because each pet's body is different.

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Equivalent sizes 

000 New born babies 0-2 months: cats and dogs. Extra tinny and slim tea cup breeds (chihuahua, yorkshire, etc).  XXXS
00 Small cat/ Miniature breeds/ babies/ Teacups/ X small Chihuahua/Teacup Poodle /Yorkie/ x small maltese/ mini dachshund puppy, etc. XXS
0 Medium Cat/ Small Chihuahua/ small Maltese/Toy poodle/Yorkshire Terrier/ shih tzu puppy/ Pomeranian puppy /Miniature Pinscher/ mini dachshund puppy, etc. XS
1 Big Cat/ big Chihuahua/ Toy poodle/ Small French Poodle/ Miniature Pinscher/  adult Maltese / adult mini dachshund /Papillon /Pomeranian/ X thin Xoloitzcuintle/ etc. S
2 Xtra Large Cat/ Small Mix/ Medium French Poodle/  Large or mix  Chihuahua / Small cocker /Large Maltese / Small Schnauzer /Austrilian Silky Terrier/ Large shih tzu / Small Xoloitzcuintle/ etc. M
3 Medium Mix/  Small Beagle/ Adult cocker spaniel / Jack Russell Terrier/ Wire-haired Fox Terrier/  Adult french poodle /Boston Terrier / Adult Schnauzer /Westie/ Growing Sharpei/ Adult Xoloitzcuintle/ etc. M
4 Large Mix/ Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/ Pembroke Welsh  / medium Corgi/ Basenji/ Wire-haired Fox Terrier/ Shiba/ medium Sharpei / large Boston terrier / slim Basset hound/ large  Cocker Spaniel/ English Cocker Spaniel / slim Beagle, etc. L
5 XL Mix /Cavalier King Charles Spaniel/ Pembroke Welsh Adult Corgi/ Adult beagle, adult Basset Hound,etc. L
6 Border Collie, XL beagle, XL Sharpei / XL Corgi /Dalmatian,etc. XL
7 Slim labrador, slim or growing  German Shepherd /Rottweiler/ Dalmatian  /English Springer / Small Boxer, etc. XXL
8 Adult Labrador / Adult German shepherd / growing or slim Siberian husky / Alaskan malamute/ slim Great Dane/ Medium Boxer etc. XXL
9 Great dane / Siberian Husky / Tibetan Mastin/ Alaskan Malamute / Saint Bernard / Adult boxer/ Great Pyrenees,etc.
10 Large Great Dane/ Siberian Husky/ Great Pyrenees /Tibetan Mastin, etc. 
Small Dachshund Special designed size for  growing dachshunds.
Medium Dachshund special size for adult dachshunds.
French Bulldog Small and medium French Bulldog, Pug. special sizes for French bulldogs and pugs. with wider neck and chest.

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